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Safety comes through preparation

A fire sprinklers that protects the entire building is a great asset, but having rooms equipped with an individual fire extinguisher can also help save lives and in some cases is mandated by law.  Don't get caught without a portable extinguisher when you may need it most!

Find the right one for you

Portable fire extinguishers come in all shapes and sizes.  Each one has a rating on its label which lets the user know what kind of fire it is equipped to handle.


• A Rating for trash, wood, and paper fires

• B Rating for flammable liquid fires

• C Rating for electrical fires

ABC Rating signifies a multipurpose fire extinguisher


In addition to the letter rating, all portable fire extinguishers have a number attached to them as well.  This number let users know how large of an area they can extinguish.


It is important to note that the higher the number, the heavier the extinguisher will be.  Be sure to try your extinguishers out before you buy them to ensure that you would be able to operate it should the need arise.


C.B.K. Fire Systems has a variety of portable fire extinguishers which you can purchase.  We will also service and recharge them as needed so that they are sure to work should you ever need to use them.

Remember to PASS


Pull the pin

Aim the hose

Squeeze the trigger

Sweep the area


Check out our Information page for other life saving tips and fire facts!