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Don't compromise your safety

Keep your suppression systems up to date

Much like a car requires inspection to make sure it can be operated safely; your fire suppression systems are no different.  In fact, many insurance providers require your systems undergo routine inspections and maintenance for you to remain covered.  Don't risk losing everything in a fire; make sure your suppression system is working properly!

We're here to keep you safe

In accordance with NFPA 17A and NFPA 96, your Wet Chemical UL 300 Fire Suppression System must be inspected every 6 months.


Your clean agent systems require a 6 month maintenance check as well as a thorough yearly inspection.


All portable fire extinguishers must be inspected yearly according to NFPA 10.


In addition to their yearly inspection, we have a variety of portable extinguishers for you to purchase and can service and recharge them for you as well!


Be sure to call us about any questions or concerns you may have about your fire suppression systems.

Schedule your next inspection today!

Don't get stuck in the event of a fire

The only thing worse than not having a fire suppression system is to have a malfunctioning one.  Fire can spread fast, so you need to make sure your systems are working properly.  It can - and does - save lives!

Important Reminder!  Most insurance companies require fire suppression systems to undergo a routine 6-month inspection and all portable fire extinguishers need to be checked at least once a year.