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Protection starts with education

What is fire?

Fire requires 3 things in order to form:


• Fuel: something which will burn

• Heat: to raise the fuel to its burning point

• Oxygen: a supply of air


All 3 of these things must be present at the same time for a fire to occur, remove one, and the fire will go out.

What should I do if there is a fire?

If ever there is a fire, remember the 3As


• Activate the building's fire alarm or alert 911

• Assist anyone in immediate danger and help them exit the building without putting yourself in danger

• Attempt to extinguish the fire only after the first two steps are completed

When should I/should I not fight a fire?

Before even thinking of fighting a fire, you should always contact 911 and ensure you have a safe path out of the way of the flames.


There are certain instances where you should never try to fight a fire and wait for the authorities:


• If the fire is spreading rapidly outside of the area which it originated

• If the fire is - or will soon be - blocking your escape route

• If you are unsure of how to properly operate a fire extinguisher

• If the extinguisher is not equipped to handle the fire either because it is too small or the wrong rating

How do I use a fire extinguisher?

Proper training is a must before you should consider using fire extinguisher.  First, you must make sure that you have established a safe exit route and that your back is facing it.  From there, remember to PASS.


• Pull the pin to unlock the operating lever of the extinguisher

• Aim the hose low to the ground and at the base of the flames

• Squeeze the trigger which will release the extinguishing agent

• Sweep the area from side to side until the fire is out


Once extinguished, keep watch to ensure the fire does not reignite.  If it does so, repeat the process until the authorities arrive.